“Good design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs.”



At the forefront of everything we do is design. We are passionate about creating content that not only looks beautiful, it has to be functional.


We design for print and web and have ongoing contracts in both mediums. We've worked with existing brands and created brand new ones. If you have ideas that you're stuggling to put into reality, we'd love to work with you. 


Check out some of our design projects... 


Hetton Law Brewery

Hetton Law Brewery is a brand new micro-brewery producing hand crafted beers with locally sourced ingredients in Northumberland. 


This is an ongoing project as the brewrey is currently going from strength to strength (as is the beer!) and new brews are being created all the time. 


So far we have designed beer mats, bottle labels, mini keg labels, pump clips and the brewery's website


We've really enjoyed the fact that we've been working with Hetton Law Brewery from the very first brew! We're very excited to see what happens next! 

We were approched to design the branding for the business and the artwork for the individual beers. Both the brewery and ourselves felt strongly about the importance of keeping the local connection themed throughout the design work.

The brewery is situated in North Northumberland amongst the Cheviot and Kyloe Hills. A large sycamore tree is situated within the brewery grounds and this was the basis for the main brewery logo. We have included the Sycamore within each of the designs for the individual beers in some form. The brewery also own a number of sheep, it seemed fitting to include an inquisitive one.


Having to sample so many of the beers has been a real tough job... 

but one we're happy to do!


Check out their fresh new website here!



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White Feathers On A Bed Of Nails - Book Cover


Local author Diane Trevena got in touch as she was close to completing her debut novel, White Feathers On A Bed Of Nails, and needed a cover design. Diane already had a strong idea of how the cover should look, so we worked on her theme, and added a couple of ideas of our own which resulted in the final cover design.


The true story of a girl, growing up in the late sixties, within a devout Catholic family being torn apart by the brutality of a psychopathic father. With a gift of seeing Spirit and Angels, she keeps a diary and recounts with amazing accuracy, the visions and journeys she experiences in the Spirit World.

A story of humour, sadness and overwhelming compassion, as well as love, this book will enlighten the hearts of its readers everywhere.

Will Holmes has run his home improvement business in the Gateshead area since 1989.

Will contacted us as he wanted to update his website with something modern yet simple.

We kept to a clean design with focus on the strap line that we created 'From Plans to Completion' 


Will was one of Iris Digital's very first customers.