AV Projects

Bringing a sketched out concept to life is what we do.  

We love an unusual project! Getting stuck in, building on an idea, turning a doodle into a finished product is what we enjoy doing most! Thinking outside of the box while being creative and keeping function and design at the forefront of our projects is key.


Check out some of our previous AV projects... 


Alnwick Gardens Enchanted AV Content and Installation

After the success of The Dark Garden we were invited back to produce content for the Alnwick Gardens christmas event, The Paradise Tree. This included two large projection mapped pieces and a lighting and audio installation that we collaborated with local lighting designer Andy from Wright Lights.

They'll be more about the Paradise Tree soon.... watch this space! 

In 2016 we were delighted to work with Enchanted Places to produce content for two fantastic themed events at the beautiful Alnwick Gardens.

The Dark Garden was a spooky event held over the week of Halloween. We produced six installations including a large central projection mapped piece, a synchronised audio - lighting and smoke install, plus a couple of standalone sound pieces to terrify the guests.  You can read more about the Dark Garden installation  here.


Sage Gateshead's Sage One Viewing Gallery

Sage Gateshead is a landmark live music venue in the North East, bringing world class artists, musicians and bands to the region.


Sage Gateshead wanted to enhance the customer experience of their viewing gallery in the astounding Sage One (previously Hall One). 


They asked us to come up with an installation that would both compliment the design of the Hall while being able to be easily removed for the concerts.



Image courtesy of BBC.co.uk

The end solution was a rigid rear projection screen that hangs from removable mounts. The screen displays a series of promotional and informative videos that customers can watch while listening on one of the many pairs of headphones. 






One issue we faced was content. We decided to shoot, edit, animate and compose the music for a short informative video about the Hall that would be included as part of the presentation. 


We knew that simplicity was the key to this installation. It needed to be quick and super easy to setup. Hang the screen and press go. 

We programmed it to automatically start playing the first video as soon as the power is turned on and to loop contiuously until it is turned off at the end of the day. 

Hang the screen and press go

This is fantastic! I would like to thank you both for the work that has gone into the new viewing gallery.

A first class piece of work from a first class team.

- Stephen Little,

Director of Building Services

Sage Gateshead

 The little “This is Sage One” demo/promotional film is really terrific. It’s such an informative, elegantly made, concise presentation of Sage One… 

- Anthony Sargent,

General Director

Sage Gateshead

Play Space, Interactive Play Table


We were comissioned to overhaul an indoor children's play space. Our idea was to shoot a series of green screen videos with specialist children's musicians performing some classic childrens songs as well as original music written by the performers. 


We installed a custom designed interactive table which would trigger the videos on a screen for the children to view and sing along to.


4 buttons were added to the table and each was assigned an age range.





In early 2015 we were experimenting with the idea of creating an interactive information point that required no mains electricity but still utilised technology to enhance the customer experience. After a lot of research and several prototypes we came up with SolarPoint, an audio listening station that is 100% powered by the sun.  



We approached the organisers of the Gateshead International Jazz Festival and pitched an idea to have SolarPoints around the festival promoting some of the acts that were performing.









We provided two listening stations each loaded with four audio tracks from the artists.


Users are able to select the music by pushing the buttons on the SolarPoint and listen using the headphones. The device is powered entirely by the sun making it our greenest project yet!

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