Culture Bites!

It's been great to work with Rachel Cochrane again on her project 'Culture Bites'. Rachel had the audio content on the web, but wanted to turn it into an accessible touchscreen listening post that could be installed in venues across the region and accessed easily by the general public.

The results are some very content looking customers like this person here!

Here's a news article on the project:

Stories celebrating the rich heritage of North Tyneside have been broadcast to the world in a series of audio recordings. The Culture Bites project was led by writer and audio producer Rachel Cochrane, of the listenupnorth website, with funding from the Arts Council and North Tyneside Council. Professional and amateur writers were inspired by local landmarks to pen plays, short stories, letters and poetry, and record them at the venues. Rachel said: “The north east is such a place of great culture and great locations and it inspires people to be creative.” They are available to listen to online at and have already attracted hundreds of downloads. A mobile listening post is also available at Segedunum until Sunday, St Mary’s Island from August 8 to 21, and the Old Low Light Heritage centre later this month. Read more at:

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